Annual RAG-TAG meeting has taken place in Warsaw

The annual meeting of the RAG-TAG of RFC Baltic-Adriatic has taken place in Warsaw on October 10th

The meeting was an excellent occasion for the partners Railway Undertakings, Terminals and Ports to meet the partly renovated management of the RFC and to start a fruitful cooperation.

Many topics were discussed during the meeting. Among others:

·         Exchange of information on the activities regarding the International Contingency Management, carried out both on the side of RUs and IMs, which paved the way for a future common approach;

·         Open discussion on innovative products offered by the RFC and the room for improvement in the area of the capacity management

·         Launching of ideas for cooperation on the field of Train Performance Management

·         Streamlining of the data exchange between Terminals and RFC, in the framework of the Facility Portal

During the meeting, Martin Erlinger has announced his resignation from the position of RAG Speaker. The RAG elected Mr. Manuel Kriegl (RCA) as his successor. The MB and PMO of the Baltic-Adriatic RFC warmly thank Mr. Erlinger for the work done until now and welcome Mr. Kriegl on board!

Next RAG-TAG meeting will take place on 19 November 2020. Location will be announced in due time.


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