Corridor Information Document for TT 2021 published!

The Corridor Information Document for TT 2021 is published!

Please, visit the relevant page in new website for more information


New location … new website!

The new Rail Freight Corridor Baltic Adriatic website went live on January 13th 2020

It is conceived as a gateway to access all information regarding  our activities as well as to our Customer Information Platform.

The address of the new site (www.rfc.it) is temporary, while the old website is still accessible


Enjoy the navigation!


Market survey notice

English version

The EEIG for Rail Freight Corridor Baltic-Adriatic (onwards “Baltic-Adriatic RFC 5”) announces the intention to launch a procurement procedure for the realisation of a Capacity Study

At this aim, a market survey is starting, in order to identify potential invitees to the procedure

The complete "Market survey Notice" can be downloaded here

Interest to be invited can be address...


Successful roll-out of Customer Information Platform (CIP) to a new Rail Freight Corridor (RFC)

Successful roll-out of Customer Information Platform (CIP) to a new Rail Freight Corridor (RFC)

Cooperation between RNE and the Rail Freight Corridors (RFCs) is once again proving fruitful. The Customer Information Platform (CIP) has been successfully rolled-out to the RFC Amber (RFC 11). The information concerning this new RFC is now available in the CIP productive environment powered by RNE...


Call for offers for a project digitalizaton

RailNetEurope (RNE) has launched a call for offers for a digitalization of Network Statements and Corridor Information Documents. 
If you are interested, you can find all information on RNE Website by clicking HERE.


PCS Envelope Concept released

Last October 16th 2019, RNE released in operations the new PCS Envelope Concept (EC) replacing PCS NG. PCS is the only booking tool by which authorized applicants can submit a request for capacity offered by RFC BA C-OSS. The new version adds elements to the GUI (outline, sub-paths, territories and path variants) and brings new features intended to improve calendar consistency, border...


Reserved capacity offer for TT2020 was published!

The Reserve Capacity offer of RFC5 for TT2020 has been published in PCS. The catalogue can be downloaded at the bottom of this information, or from the CIP by clicking here.

Authorized applicants can request the C-OSS any path per day per direction on the line sections of the Corridor according to train parameters as shown in the catalogue. The deadline to submit a request is 30 days before the...


Annual RAG-TAG meeting has taken place in Warsaw

The annual meeting of the RAG-TAG of RFC Baltic-Adriatic has taken place in Warsaw on October 10th

The meeting was an excellent occasion for the partners Railway Undertakings, Terminals and Ports to meet the partly renovated management of the RFC and to start a fruitful cooperation.

Many topics were discussed during the meeting. Among others:

·         Exchange of information on the activities...


RAG-TAG Meeting in Warsaw 2019

The General Assembly of Baltic-Adriatic Rail Freight Corridor 5 (RFC 5) sincerely invites representatives of Railway Undertakings and Managers and Owners of Terminals of RFC 5 for next meeting of Advisory Groups.


Update of TCRs

Dear customers, we would like to inform you, that we have just published updated version of Temporary Capacity Restrictions on the lines of Baltic - Adriatic Corridor (update - July 2019). You can download the file from the Customer Information Platform on this link: updated TCRs.


Annual Report 2018

The Annual Report for 2018 was published! You can download it from the Customer Information Platform on this link: Annual report 2018.


International Contingency Management

Re-routing scenarios published!


PaPs TT 2020 publication

PaPs TT 2020 publication


User Satisfaction Survey

User Satisfaction Survey

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