According to Article 13(1) of the Regulation, the Management Board designates a joint body to provide Applicants with a single place to both request and receive answers relating to infrastructure capacity on the railway lines of RFC 5 for freight trains using at least one PAP section and crossing at least one State border along a freight corridor. According to the Regulation, the essential tasks of this joint body, nominated “Corridor OneStop Shop” (C-OSS) are summarized as following:

A. Regarding the management of capacity request the C-OSS has:

• to act a single contact point for the applicants,

• to display available corridor capacity for

trains as defined above,

• to handle requests for the capacity offered

as pre-arranged paths and reserve capacity,

taking decision about the allocation on behalf

of the involved IMs/ABs applying nondiscriminatory

priority rules,

• to keep the involved IMs/ABs always informed

on the allocation process,

• to forward any request/application for